EOR – Employer of Record

We provide personnel and payroll services. Employment, tax returns and employee payments have never been so simple.

What is EOR?
EOR, or Employer of Record, refers to the assumption by another entity of the responsibilities associated with the employment of workers abroad. This method makes it easier to enter a new market, as it relieves you of the need to create new staff. By paying a monthly subscription, you do not have to worry about any formalities.

We take it upon ourselves:
- administrative activities;
- Payroll management;
- payment of taxes;
- insurance for employees;
- and all other employee benefits.

Companies whose business is international often choose to use EOR because it saves time and reduces costs. At the same time, the risks associated with the company's entry into new markets are reduced. The company providing the EOR service therefore commits itself to the requirements:
- Regulatory and legal issues related to the employment of workers;
- immigration;
- and payroll;

The entity does not have a management function, so the contracting company has full control over the management of the posts. The solution we propose saves not only money but also time. The administration of the HR and payroll section becomes much simpler from a strategic as well as operational point of view. EOR is particularly helpful during the first period of activity in a new market.
Effective and sustainable development is based on three pillars: time, budget, experience. Norwegian law operates at national, regional and local level. Navigating these areas efficiently requires experience, which is why it is worth taking advantage of the knowledge of a reliable partner such as Uniqorm. Working with our partner company will help strengthen your position in the market.
Let our partner company Uniqorm handle your HR and payroll matters in Norway. Don't let local taxes and administrative regulations and benefits stop you from growing your business any longer.

They trusted us:
Let's build your staff abroad together.
Simple terms and express pace of creating jobs. Dealing with Norwegian contractors has never been so easy. Let us help you and take advantage of our international background and experience, which will save you valuable time. Ensure your employees are paid in the local currency, medical care, pension insurance and other employee benefits with one good decision.

We are the market leader in EOR services in Norway.

We are the market leader in EOR services in Norway

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You do not need to set up a company in Norway to have employees there. Do not generate additional costs, losses and risks.

Would you rather deal with HR and payroll formalities in your foreign company or focus on business development?

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